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 Our wine list changes with the seasons in addition to the availability of fruit and other locally sourced ingredients, and despite the current spell of wet and coolish summers we have been experiencing, the fruit garden is producing consistent yields from most of our cultivars. The individual friuts make wines with different tastes, characters and bouquets to suit most occasions, and may be sipped and savoured on their own or drunk as fine table wines forming good accompaniments with meat, fish, pasta and salad dishes; serving instructions and "best with" recommendations are included with each wine description shown below in the current wine list. For pricing information go to the end of the wine list.

Note new wines addeded to the winter wine list: - apple wine, elderberry & bramble wine, parsnip wine and sparkling apple wine. 


Glebe House Winery - Summer Wine List  2019





Apple wine: 2015

Character – dry, medium bodied, 13% vol.  **  Taste – crisp apple with nutty overtones    **  Bouquet - delightful fruity fragrances

Serving recommendation - chilled  **  Best with -  fish or on its own.

Apple & Honey wine: 2014

 Character – medium dry, medium bodied, 12.2% vol.  **  Taste – autumn apples & sweetened with our own blossom honey   **  Bouquet - light floral

Serving recommendation - chilled  **  Best with -  fish and pasta dishes or on its own.


Elderflower wine: 2018

Character - sweet, light bodied, 11% vol. **  Taste - delicate fruity flavour  **  Bouquet - enchanting early summer blossom

Serving recommendation - chilled  **  Best with - great with fish and sweet enough as a dessert wine.


Gooseberry wine: 2018 

 Character - dry, light bodied, 11.5% vol. **  Taste - light fruity flavour  **  Bouquet - delicate flowery fragrance

Serving recommendation - chilled  **  Best with - great with fish and pasta.


Parsnip wine: 2017

Character - dry, light bodied, 12% vol. **  Taste - individual rich parsnip flavour  **  Bouquet - well balanced fruity nose

Serving recommendation - chilled  **  Best with - fish.

Note: - for those connoisseurs who like to explore more unusual and different tasting wines.



 'Fechan Rose: 2014

Character - medium sweet, medium bodied rose wine, 11.5% vol. **  Taste - slightly sharp blackcurrant **  Bouquet - light and  fruity     

Serving recommendation  - chilled  **  Best with - meat (including game), fish or on its own.


Mixed Berry wine: 2016

  Character - medium dry, medium bodied red wine, 12.1% vol ** Taste - smooth, complex fruity flavours to intrigue & tease the palate ** Boquqet - rich fruity nose

Serving recommendations - chilled ** Best with red meat, fish or on its own. 


Elderberry & Bramble wine: 2017

   Character - dry, medium bodied red wine, 12.7% vol ** Taste - pleasant dry character with the rich taste of autumn berries ** Bouquet - mellow fruity fragrance

 Serving recommendations - room temperature ** Best with game and seasonal fayre at Christmas/New year; great with turkey. 





Sparkling Apple: 2015

 Character – dry, sparkling white wine,  13% vol. **  Taste – autumn apples **  Bouquet - rich floral

Serving recommendation  - chilled




All still wines: - £8.00/bottle ex winery.

All mulled wines: - £9.00/bottle ex winery (when in stock).

All sparkling wines: - £10.00/bottle ex winery.  

Carriage charges in mainland Britain*: - 1 x 12 bottle case of still wine £15; 1 x 6 bottle case of sparkling  wine £13. 

*Please note for the more remote areas of the UK such as the Highlands and Islands, higher carriage charges can be expected and will be determined on a case by case basis.  For larger orders involving multiple cases of wine, the unit carriage charge/ bottle will reduce accordingly. Also we are happy to accept orders for mixed cases of wine to meet individual customers needs. For more information on current wine availability and prices, please contact us.

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